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Happy Customers

Here you will find some pictures of donkeys we have sold, together with the feedback we have received. We love nothing more than seeing our donkeys enjoying their new forever homes! 


"Thank you so much Mike, I honestly couldn't be happier with him, he's found his forever him with me!"

Waldo testiminial.jpg

"Waldo has become a very important member of my family and I cant imagine life without him in it. He's such a character and has charmed us all. Mike is a kind, caring man and as well as looking after his donkeys he also helps rescue them too. His advice, kindness and support is invaluable . I can highly recommend Mike, he is very trustworthy and will help you find the right donkey for you. Thank you so much Mike, I love Waldo, and he will be with my forever!"


"Thank you for bringing Ross to us on Saturday. He is a really lovely donkey and seems to have totally settled in already. The donkeys have bonded and he’s been no problem with the horses
He has let me brush him pick up feet etc in fact he follows me everywhere. Thanks again."

Pixie & Peanut.jpeg

"I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully settled they are. They are very happy and getting closer to me and my husband everyday. We adore them!

Thank you so much Mike." 


"I was just going to email you as I can’t find where I can leave you a nice review on your site about Branston. He’s so lovely.
Still sore on his front foot but getting better. We all love him very much. Don’t forget me if you see a donkey in need of rehoming or retirement."


"We called on Mike when we were thinking of a companion for our pony (who lost his companion due to illness) Mike selected a donkey called chocolate, he's not been worked on much & needs his confidence boosted but pony & donkey are inseparable. We are able to walk up and are able to stroke him after only 5 days, he is a special boy who the village have taken into their hearts in this troubled times, he definitely has his loving forever home."


"Just to let you know that Lucy is settling in well. She initially was quite nervous, but now enjoys a good scratch and some attention. She is very popular with everyone at the farm and has become part of the family. Thank you so much."


"Dear everyone at Mikes Donkeys. Thank you so much for the time and advice you gave us when we wanted to adopt our own donkeys. The service we received was superb and the donkeys you choose for us, we couldn't be happier with. In the short time we've had them, their characters have come out and they have settled blissfully. Especially Mabel, who's confidence has improved already. Thank you for everything."

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